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Friday, 22 April 2016

Girl, 11, killed when lightning bolt strikes phone as she takes call from her dad

A schoolgirl was killed when lightning struck her mobile phone as she tried to answer it to speak to her dad, reports claim. 
The girl, named as Arina, 11, was walking near her home in a village in the Chernoyarsk district of south-western Russia's Astrakhan Oblast region when a storm broke out.
The young girl had decided to offer to help her elderly grandparents drive the family sheep into a pen before the rains came, but somehow got lost on the way out to the fields.
 The grandparents, who noted that the girl had never arrived, thought she must have gone back home but there was no sign of her when they returned to the house.

Her grandfather went out into the storm to look for her and was devastated to find her lifeless body lying on the cold ground.

He called for an ambulance to take her to a nearby hospital but doctors were unable to save the little girl's life.The police are currently investigating the case, although Milana said that Arina had tried to answer a call to her mobile phone just before she died. They found that the call had come from her father. 
Milana said:
 "When the storm began, our father called her mobile phone, she replied and lighting struck right on the phone. It just melted in her hands.
 Local media report that Arina suffered 90 percent burns and that doctors would have had no chance of saving her.

Daily Mirror

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