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Friday, 17 June 2016

Nick Cannon Gets Emotional About Mariah Carey & Their Twins In Divorce Paper Song

Although Nick Cannon claims he wishes his ex Mariah Carey well as she got engaged to billionaire James Packer and has since had to deny he's holding up their divorce he just dropped an eye-opening freestyle called 'Divorce Papers', which undeniably touches on their divorce, and intense love and honesty.
The America's Got Talent host vents on the track and opens up about his twins Monroe and Moroccan, and how they have coped with their parents break up. The 35-year-old opens up about how difficult he finds it as she's moved on.“We single now but we really need to think about is how a child deals/ how a child feels/ because we got two and they brilliant for real/ resilient for real,” he raps.
“My daughter said daddy why your eyes in tears/ because last time I dropped your brother off I didn't get a call the next day and it felt like years/ and Ima be honest/ sometimes I hate to hear you're on the other line having fun without me/ I wonder if my son will ever doubt me.../ What's love I don't care about it I just want my kids to be safe.”

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