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Monday, 4 July 2016

2face’s Rumors nightclubs goes after debtors in branded car

Rumors, FESTAC
Rumors, FESTAC
Nightclubs in the bustling mega city usually have a hard time getting patrons to settle their bills.
Having a tab opened for you in any of Lagos’ nightclubs is a sure sign that you have arrived. You cannot call yourself a member of the big boy’s club if that has never happened for you.
Until when it is time to settle the bill.
Nightclubs in the bustling megacity usually have a hard time getting patrons to settle their bills.
But the Rumors nightclubs co-owned by music superstar 2face Idibia and Dotun Omotoye, located in Ikeja GRA and FESTAC, has gone a step further.
By acquiring a branded vehicle to be used for the purpose of debt collection.
The Rumors debtor-catcher
The Rumors debtor-catcher
It is not known yet the level of indebtedness the nightclub is dealing with or even if it is a high level of debt that necessitated the purchase of the car.

The car, which was branded by Interior Design and Concept Limited, a corporate branding outfit, is painted red with the sign ‘Rumours Debt Recovery Team’ emblazoned on the side.
So if you are a Lagos big boy addicted to the nightlife and indebted to the Rumours, what ya gonna do, when they come for you?
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