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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Pastor caught having sex with a woman seeking fruit of the womb!!

When i saw this picture last night i was furious and almost threw up my meal because i cant imagine whatever it is that has taken place in here. This is one of the horrors that women get entangled in , when seeking salvation, husbands, and rich men . Imagine this stupidity that a woman will invite into her life all because she is seeking a better avenue to knowing God or seeking help from the so called men of God who are no different from the babalawo's of this world.
Gentlemen, this is an appeal to all of you to please help your wives, girlfriends, sisters by stopping them from seeking alternative spiritual help from prayer houses. Stop them if you can, Monitor them per seconds and preach about the danger of doing so to them please help the women out. Their life is in danger in the process of visiting these sex manaics known as pastors or spiritual doctors. Stop them from night vigils at places or churches you are not conforatble with.
Dear Ladies, seek God in your homes and churches that are open in their dealings / affairs, God is everywhere remember , dont let anyone deceive you to a dirty filty hut to seek God. Stop allowing yourselfs to be hypnotized and raped. This is madness, and we must all within our powers help to stop and create awareness of this dirty game. I hate what i saw in this picture, i dont know about you but i am mad about it.

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