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Friday, 8 April 2016

Meet the glamorous 22-year-old who is the first million-dollar blogger

Bazan launched her fashion blog Kayture a mere five years ago and has since amassed 2.3million Instagram followers , a mention on Forbes’ 30 under 30 list, a host of luxury collaborations (think Louis Vuitton, Cartier and Chopard) and a legion of fans who call themselves The Kayturettes,
Daily Mail reports..
She's got an  award-winning blog and gone behind the scenes at a Victoria's Secret show and even appeared on the cover of Vogue Portugal. 

And now, having recently signed a rumored seven-figure contract with L'Oreal Paris, Kristina Bazan, 22, from Sweden is now making millions.
I feel like I’m leading a double life,’ Kristina Bazan reveals to Emirates Woman. ‘My blog was never the finality of what I wanted to do. I launched it as an outlet for me to express my creativity. 'I thought I may be an interior architect or a writer - even a painter one day. But I love music and I feel like I’ve been doing it behind the curtain!’ she says of her recent foray into songwriting.'

Of course if I’m asked the question, I say I’m a blogger. It is what it is,.

'But I do find the word quite diminishing because technically we can all click a button on the internet and suddenly have a blog. It takes so much more to actually make a statement in the industry and create something that’s going to inspire people or change their perception of something.’

When I was growing up I couldn’t afford a designer bag or anything like that, and I’d never showcase expensive clothing on my blog. 'I experienced challenges as I went along and I think people could feel how excited I was. 'So many of my readers come up to me and say, "what I love most about your story is that I was living all these things with you".'I didn’t come from money and I’m an example of how you can start with nothing and achieve something pretty cool. It gives hope to a lot of girls.’

And who doesn’t love a good old rags-to-riches tale? The difference here is that hers is no Cinderella story. Instead, she used her entrepreneurial talent as currency and capitalised on her ability to resonate with her readers on a real level. 
‘I think it’s a matter of sensitivity,’ she explains. ‘I have a lot of empathy and I manage to put myself in a lot of different positions. 'I write articles from my point of view but I always have in mind what my readers are going to feel when they read it. And I try not to take myself too seriously.
Daily Mail

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