Woman stabbed husband because she detest him and the way he treats his first wife.

Amina Maru

Yesterday, reports flew around that Amina Maru stabbed her husband because he was getting a new wife. "The incident happened yesterday in Gusau. Alhamdulillah he is responding to treatment. Look before you leap Mr, your life is on the line. Either you forget marrying a new wife or put your life at risk."

Well, Aishat reached out to find out more about the incident and this is what she found out, read below.....
"Update: @Aishat Alubankudi: The lady in question stabbed her husband NOT because he is warming up for a new wife, but out of mere detestation.
A reliable source revealed to me that the man has two wives already; Amina Maru (the accused) and the senior wife (names withheld). Amina, according to the evidence on ground is not contented with the affairs between her husband and the senior wife. She’s always accusing the husband of preconception and alleges that the man bought a new car for the senior wife, who is a top civil servant...
On the faithful day, he was meant to spend the night at the accused apartment, since he has two separate houses. Unfortunately for him, he was invited to an impromptu business meeting with a top government official in the state. The meeting was over-stretch and at a point, the accused contends that he went to ‘Cuwa-cuwa’ with the ‘Uwargida’ in" 



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Dapals Zone loves you!!! Thanks for stopping by.. !! X0X0

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