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Monday, 18 July 2016

Arase took away 24 Police vehicles and left me with an old one-Acting IG

Acting Inspector General of Police (IGP) Ibrahim Idris has accused  his predecessor ,Solomon Arase of carting away 24 vehicles including top of the range armoured BMW cars, on departure from office.
He accused the former IG of
Idris has written to Arase to return at least 20 vehicles, saying he should not have more than four cars as part of his severance package.
Speaking to journalists at the Force Headquarters in Abuja yesterday, Idris said:
 “A week before I was announced (appointed), if you looked through my office window, you could see so many cars. But the cars all disappeared when I came in. What I did was to assign a directive to the Special Investigative Unit (SFU) to investigate all vehicles’
purchases and donations to the police in the last three years as well as their positions.
“When I took over, there were no vehicles. I discovered that the last IG went away with 24 vehicles including two BMWs. The DIGs some took seven, others eight. And they left me with an old vehicle. Even the one I followed the President with – the last time I went for an engagement – the President asked what I was doing with that kind of vehicle. The headlight has changed colour, which means it was parked for long under the rain.
“But the new ones that were bought, including an Armoured BMW 7 series, he took them away. So, I wrote to him and reminded him that when a policeman retires as IG, DIG, AIG or CP, he is entitled to some vehicles. And so, he should take his entitlement and return the extra. I believe four vehicles are enough for an average person. What does one need 24 vehicles for?”

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