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Friday, 15 July 2016

Horrifying -Snapchat selfie shows moment dog attacked boy while trying to take selfie with it

This is the horrifying moment a raging dog attacked an 11-year-old boy as the youngster attempted to take a Snapchat selfie with it.
The cameraphone has caught the exact moment raging canine Digby turned and sank his teeth into the terrified youngster's face.
The child was left screaming in agony after the dog, a Husky, German Shepherd and Bullmastiff who had attacked another youngster previously, bit his face on January 9.
After the attack, the child was raced to hospital where he was left needing 21 stitches and numerous follow-up trips to see medics.
Magistrates heard that he had attacked another child before and ordered that him to be put down.
A petition appealing the order has attracted more than 1,400 signatures after with many supporters claiming the animal was provoked.
The parents of the boy, who cannot be named for legal reasons, angrily hit back, saying:
"It has already been a traumatic experience for my son but now this has become public on the internet and social media, we are having to re-live this nightmare all over again.The dog was comfortable in the presence of my son as he had been invited over to the Harris house on many occasions.
"Contradictory to some comments made, my son did not poke his phone in the dog's face, put his arm around him or put his face right into the dog's - it attacked without warning."
Magistrates also handed the owner of the dog Harris ,200 hours of community work, and was ordered to pay the victim £5,000, as well as £170 to the courts.Harris is appealing against the destruction order for the dog, and has 21 days to put a case together to go back before magistrates.
Daily Mirror!

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