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Thursday, 14 July 2016

Khloe Kardashian ''Can't Wait'' on Lamar Odom:She Wants Babies and He Can't Give Her That Life

Khloe Kardashian has made it very clear that she's not going to tolerate Lamar Odom's recent behavior.
Following the news of the NBA star's alleged flight incident on Monday, E! News has learned that Khloe is trying to move on, but feels sensitive against the criticism she's been receiving in response to doing so. 
"Khloe put her whole life on hold," a source close to Lamar tells E! News, adding that those around him are feeling "helpless."
The insider continues to recall that Khloe "stopped her [divorce] since he ran out of health insurance and got him a huge, safe home away from the mess," but she "wants babies one day, and he can't give her that life, so she will always support him and be there to help him if needed, but can't wait for him."
Kardashian was on the receiving end of some criticism for not putting her life on pause with the latest incident, and the source explains that Khloe is "sensitive" when it comes to judging her actions with Lamar.
"Her heart has always been with him and she gets very sensitive with people's opinions when she decides to move on, because that doesn't mean she didn't try everything.
Another source talks to E! News about what potentially led to Lamar's troubling behavior, explaining that a specific incident "set him off" and gave him the "excuse" he needed.
"Something happened on Monday and it sent him over the edge. He had been doing really good until that moment but whatever it was set him off," the source tells us.
"He has been living in a home in the valley and a friend has been staying with him as well and keeping an eye on him. And after the incident happened, Lamar basically took off and that was it. He doesn't have a cell phone, so no one could find him. He is incredibly sensitive and obviously is weak when it comes to substances and he just flipped. It gave him the excuse he needed."
"Now he is on the east coast and he is hanging out with old friends who used to be a bad influence on him,. "He is meant to be there as a surprise for his son's birthday, but he has not been in touch with any of the people who have been trying to keep him sober for the past month."

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